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BTVS & ATS Banners

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All Members , Moderated

This community has been created for you to share your Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series banners with us. These banners can be LJ banners, User Info banners or Friends Only banners. They may consist of the actors from BTVS/ATS or the characters (i.e., James Marsters OR his character of Spike).

You may include a matching icon; however this is a banner community, so any posts that are solely of icons will be deleted.

Requests are also welcome! Please state the characters, colour, text, and any other information that you would like your banner to have.


1. This is a banner community so any posts that are solely of icons will promptly be deleted.
2. Please post your banner under a cut.
3. No flaming, give feedback if you enjoy something.
4. Banners will be available for others to use in their journal (with credit).
5. Requests are welcome. Please include size, colour, characters etc. and anything else you would like included in your banner.
6. If you want to promote other communities on here please ask our permission first, otherwise we will delete your post; if it happens twice, you will be banned from the community.

Monthly Challenges
We will be having monthly challenges.
You do not have to participate in the challenges to be able to post. We accept any banners...all the time.



*This community has been created by samantha_78 and break_me_love and is now maintained by kargrif.